About Alex Patton

Alex Patton is a media & communications expert, Republican political consultant, and political pollster living in Gainesville, FL

Alex’ s interest in politics began in High School with his unique high school education.

Alex Patton

The son of a career military man, Alex attended high school in Heidelberg, Germany. He was surrounded by Geo-political events that peaked his interest in the political process. He is a former Board of Regent Officer for the International Student Leadership Institute (ISLI) and former student body president of his high school.


Alex attended the University of Florida, graduating with a degree in political science. It was during college that the political bug fully captured Alex. He held many on-campus leadership positions. During his college years, he took a year off from the University to work as the finance director & fundraiser for a United States Congressional Campaign in Florida. After the campaign’s completion, Alex returned to the University of Florida to be elected Student Body President. He is a member of Florida Blue Key.

Currently, Alex is the owner of the Ozean and a partner in a political polling firm, War Room Logistics, LLC.

Alex has consulted on every level of political campaign, except for a presidential election, including some brief international political experiences.


He is experienced in all facets of political campaigning, but specializes in political communication, political media, utilizing media and technology.

Alex is married, has two children, dabbles in photography, reads primarily non-fiction, trains for triathlons, and enjoys fly fishing to get away from it all.

He is known for his candid communication, fierce loyalty and competitive spirit.


Press Inquires

Alex is a trusted source for press across the nation relating to political polling data, political media buying, and political campaigns.

He is a frequent guest on talk radio.

If you would like to request press kit or speak to Alex, please connect anyway you like.  (Email or social media is normally the quickest.)


Speaking Engagements

Alex is a frequent guest lecturer at the University of Florida on all things relating to politics in Florida, particularly polling, media, and new media in political campaigns.

When requested, he speaks political organizations and trade associations (when appropriate-utilizing an exciting multi-media approach)

Recent speaking engagements include:

  • Social Media in Campaigns
  • Polling Trends in Florida
  • Political Communication: How to shape the political environment
  • Independent Voters – Who are they and what do they want?

If you would like to request Alex to speak at your next gathering, please connect.